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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

Day 3: March 26

Day 3: March 26th


9:00 AM: Short Films Block at THE LOT

Five Awake

Five Louisiana women -- outraged over husbands shooting their wives -- set out to strengthen domestic violence laws, including a controversial proposal to restrict the gun rights of domestic abusers. In Louisiana, this was considered lunacy. Not the part about armed abusers. The part about wanting to disarm them. This is the story of what happens when women, armed with passion, pluck and political savvy, wake up and refuse to take no for an answer.



Parthian captures a small slice of what life was like in Iran during the late 60s and 70s, drawn on the shared memories of parents and students from a bilingual school by the same name. Nestled in the hills of Darakeh, the Parthian school was unique in its offering of full curriculums in both English and Persian. The school founders were focused on raising acculturated students with a strong advocacy towards community service.

As the 1979 revolution took place, the villagers of Darakeh were no longer tolerant of the school and pressed hard to shut it down. These personal stories illustrate how a generation of Iranians went from being scattered all over the world, lost in exile, to finding closure and forming a global community


Morning  Feature at THE LOT


The Peace Agency

Lian Gogali and her 600 female students are a force to be reckoned with the conflict torn area of Poso, Indonesia. They are part of a powerful and successful movement for peace and justice in an area that has been racked by inter-religious violence for over a decade.

But five years ago, Lian was just a single mother living in rural Poso with a broken leg and a big dream to educate marginalised women. The Peace Agency follows her remarkable journey from her village to New York City to create The Women's School, an institution that transforms its all-female class into agents of peace and non-violence grassroots activism that has altered the course of the conflict in Poso, and possibly the future of Indonesia.

Directed by Sue Useem

Sue Useem has worked in the media industry as a director, producer, and broadcaster. Her debut documentary "Which Way to the War" (2009) won her Best Female Filmmaker at Action on Film Festival in 2009 in Pasadena, California and screened in festivals world wide. Her work has been seen in many productions, including on Animal Planet, Geographic Expeditions, National Geographic, and Wharton Business School. She was also a producer and broadcaster at the Voice of America (VOA) in Washington, D.C. for five years. “The Peace Agency” is her second documentary film.


Films Panels at Women’s Museum of California

1:30 PM: Parthian Q&A with Jamie Douraghy and Zahra Dowlatabadi

2:00 PM: The Peace Agency Q&A with Sue Useem

2:30 PM: Women, Film, and Activism with Five Awake Filmmakers and activists


3:30 PM: Film, Finance, and Distribution

This panel will examine the process of financing an independent film, including general structure of financing and independent film production, the components of financing (e.g., pre-sales, tax credits, equity & incentives), and the role of producers, bankers, and lawyers. How much does media/PR play into the financing and distribution of an independent film? The panelists will also explore how women are involved in these steps and how to increase the participation of women behind the scenes


Deirdre Owens, VP of Production Incentive Financing at Cast and Crew

Laura Hertzfeld, Producer/Journalist

Moderated by: Barbi Appelquist, Attorney; Executive Producer, “Too Legit;” and Chair of Advisory Board for Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media


5:00 PM: VIP Recepetion at the Women’s Museum of California


6:00 PM: Alive and Kicking at THE LOT


Alive and Kicking is a feature-length documentary that takes an inside look into the culture of swing dancing and the characters who make it special. We explore the culture surrounding Swing dance from the emergence of the Lindy Hop to the modern day international phenomenon. The film follows the growth of Swing dance from its purely American roots as an art form, to countries all over the world. Alive and Kicking looks at the lives of the Swing dancers themselves to find their personal stories and why this dance fills them with joy.

Directed by Susan Glatzer

Susan Glatzer’s track record of productions and acquisitions has garnered seven Academy Awards® and 19 Academy Award® nominations along with numerous awards at the Cannes, Sundance, and Venice film festivals. Serving as Senior Vice President for the Motion Picture Group at Paramount Pictures, Susan concentrated on co-productions and worldwide acquisitions. Susan has been swing dancing for 18 years.

8:00 PM Alive and Kicking Q&A with filmmakers