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Donate to the Library & Archive

Thank you for considering a donation to the Women's Museum of California. Your tax-deductible donation supports the organization's mission to collect, preserve, document, and make available materials that inspire and educate present and future generations about women's history.

We are interested in receiving materials that are historically significant, authentic, in excellent condition, and if possible, connected to women's history in California.

The donor should contact Julia Friedman, the museum's Collections Manager, to confirm that the materials are within the scope and mission of the collections prior to bringing their donation to the museum. Contact information is provided below.  If you contact the Collections Manager by e-mail, please provide as much of the following information that you can where applicable:

  • A description of the artifact you are offering to donate (What do you know about the history of the artifact, measurements, type of material, etc.)
  • How is the artifact related to women’s history in California?
  • When and how did you acquire the artifact?
  • Please describe the condition of the artifact, and how it has been stored.
  • If you can, please provide a photograph of the artifact.

If accepted, your donation is tax-deductible. Establishment of the monetary value of the donation is the responsibility of the donor. The Women's Museum of California does not offer appraisals.

Please allow two to four weeks for a response to your donation request.

Contact Information:

         Julia Friedman


(619) 233-7963

2730 Historic Decatur Rd. Barracks 16, Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92106