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Women's Museum of California

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“The Frayer” Book Talk

“The Frayer” Book Talk


Event Date:
Sunday, May 13 2018

What is the event about?

Join us as we welcome Patricia Watts to the Museum to discuss her new book, The Frayer

In Patricia Watts' new novel, The Frayer, we watch an uncannily seductive Louisiana bayou man as he goes about "fraying" the inhabitants of a prosperous apartment building in Fairbanks, Alaska, and destroying the building itself. Angelo Fallon's eerie powers are both physical and psychological. Physically, he can make chunks of plaster fall from walls, and massive chandeliers break loose from ceilings. And he can seduce, apparently, just about anyone he chooses to seduce. Big Blue, the building itself, narrates the story of Angelo's machinations: tiny cracks start appearing in Blue's walls as soon as the villain walks in. But Blue, who can read the thoughts of most of his inhabitants, sees only a wave of black when he searches inside Angelo's mind. Within a few pages, Angelo Fallon has caused Corrine, the building's owner, to break a leg.

Patricia Watts' surreal premise quickly pulls readers into a novel which blends horror and heroism, eros and architecture. Her long career as an investigative journalist in Fairbanks is evident in the skill with which she creates and motivates her characters, the detailed care with which she describes her scene, the suspense she builds, the inevitable deceptions and self-deceptions she slowly uncovers.

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