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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

Friday Night Liberty and Exhibit Opening

Friday Night Liberty and Exhibit Opening


Event Date:
Friday, September 07 2018

What is the event about?

Enjoy free admission to the Museum during Friday Night Liberty

Current Exhibit: From the founders to today's trailblazers, discover the women who have made legal history.

Since Ancient Rome women have embodied the symbol of justice, blindfolded with scales and sword in her hands. It was not until 1869 though when the first woman, Arabella Mansfield, became a lawyer in the United States.  Mansfield paved that way for other women to practice law, including Clara Shortridge Foltz who in 1878 became the first woman lawyer in California.

This exhibit recognizes many lawyers, judges, judicial officials, including Mansfield and Foltz, who have fought legal battles every day on behalf of citizens who seek their expertise. The history presented in this exhibit acknowledges the contributions and influence of women lawyers, reminds us that the practice of law is a profession that embodies an ideal, and encourages us to work towards justice.