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Women's Museum of California

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I'm Worth More! Getting Over Money Obstacles For Ladies

I'm Worth More! Getting Over Money Obstacles For Ladies


Event Date:
Sunday, July 30 2017

What is the event about?

Why am I stuck at this income range? Why aren’t I asking for more money at work or with my clients? Aren’t I worth more than this???

Ladies, if you’ve found yourself feeling like this, you are not alone.

MANY women feel the exact same way. We do our work exceptionally well and we’re extremely hard workers, yet many of us just aren’t seeing our colossal efforts translate into the green stuff: M-O-N-E-Y.

Just remember that unbelievable feeling you get when you feel fully valued and appreciated. You feel energized! Your work is most likely 100x better! You go so much farther in your career! So why do we women so often neglect to make sure we are properly valued at work? Or in our businesses?

If you feel this way and you’ve made a firm decision to make a shift in your life in the direction of clarity around money and your professional value, then come join us at the Women’s Museum for the first of three talks on making more money, hosted by me, Zelekha Amirzada, of Tigress Negotiating.

What is at stake if you don’t ask for more, in the form of raises, promotions, or higher fees?

you leave thousands of dollars on the table in missed income
you relinquish control over your career trajectory
your work quality may start to suffer because of you don’t feel valued
you may eventually burnout from being overworked

In this first of three talks you will learn:

The roots of self-doubt, and of needing to have the perfect script when you do ask for more money from employer or clients and how to counteract it.
How to figure out what your prevailing money mindset is, what effect it has had on you and how to begin to change it.
How research studies can illuminate reasons how we women tend to stop ourselves from pursuing better professional opportunities due to a lack of self-worth.


Tickets are $40 

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