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Women's Museum of California

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Second Sunday Author Series with Indy Quillen

Second Sunday Author Series with Indy Quillen


Event Date:
Sunday, March 12 2017

What is the event about?

Meet Indy Quillen, author of Tracker, March 12th at the Women's Museum of California.

About the book

Apprenticed since early childhood in the ancient Native American skills of survival, tracker Fox Walker is a loner by choice until the day he discovers a young woman living as a primitive deep in the Colorado wilderness. She has no memory of her past and her torso is riddled with scars. The killer responsible for her emotional and physical damage has returned to finish what he started. Walker finds himself in the midst of an FBI manhunt. He’ll be called upon to use all of his unique skills and wisdom if he is to save the woman of the wilderness.

About the author

Indy Quillen has always loved to write, but took many side adventures along the path to publication, including raising a family while organic gardening and learning self-reliance skills, owning and running a natural food store, training and competing in martial arts, as well as creating, exhibiting and selling nature-themed watercolors and greeting card illustrations. She grew up in Indiana, lived in Colorado, and now resides with her husband in the San Diego area. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, camping, hiking, gardening, traveling, bike riding and swimming.



Second Sunday Author Series: Women’s Voices, Women’s Stories A Collaboration of the Women’s Museum of California and San Diego Writers, Ink 4:30-5:30 pm at the Women’s Museum, Barracks 16, Liberty Station, $5.00

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