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Women's Museum of California

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Second Sunday Author Series with Mickey Brent

Second Sunday Author Series with Mickey Brent


Event Date:
Sunday, November 12 2017

What is the event about?

Join us for this month's Second Sunday Author Series as we welcome Mickey Brent to the Women's Museum. 

Tickets $5

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About the Book: Underwater Vibes is an unforgettable, quirky tale that takes place in Brussels, Belgium. It is a contemporary romance with an LGBTQ twist, showcasing multilingual, multicultural characters with plenty of humor. Its talented author, Mickey Brent, created this highly entertaining piece of literary fiction to entice all kinds of readers. The idea for Underwater Vibes came as an assignment for a college English composition course. The story was about a plump, shy girl—a loner—who learned to swim in a lake one summer. Mickey Brent’s teacher loved the story and urged her to keep writing. Years later, while taking a creative writing course in Brussels, Belgium, Mickey remembered that original essay. Each day, as she biked through Brussels, she jotted down new ideas for the story. Despite minor accidents with light poles and a parked car, she kept up her pace until she had birthed a unique, humorous novel. Now, like a delicious fruit, Underwater Vibes is at last ripe—ready for its diverse readers to devour.
About the Author: Mickey Brent is a multicultural author and creative writing teacher who lives in Southern California with her partner and two kitties. She is also an active member of the LGBTQ community. Mickey spent nearly two decades living in Europe and loves writing quirky stories about Europeans, their diverse cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Mickey has written numerous travel articles, book chapters, poems, and screenplays, publishing various genres of fiction and non-fiction under other noms de plume. Mickey’s aim is to offer readers a more fun, light-hearted, and romantic view of life. She has created this vivid reality with Underwater Vibes, a well-crafted, contemporary novel showcasing a unique cast of characters thriving in the multicultural city of Brussels, Belgium, the capital of Europe.