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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

WFFSD Summer Film Series

WFFSD Summer Film Series


Event Date:
Wednesday, July 11 2018 to Wednesday, July 25 2018

What is the event about?

The Women's Film Festival San Diego, in partnership with Women In Entertainment and ArcLight Cinemas, is proud to present their first Summer Film Series. The series strives to educate and inspire future generations about the experiences and contributions of women through the art of film. We are excited to invite you to join us in July for weekly film screenings and Q&A sessions with the series filmmakers.

Tickets $17.50

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7/11 - Fattitude

Everywhere you look fat people are ridiculed demonized, and shamed. Screw that. Every BODY deserves respect.

Directed by Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman


7/18 - Angels in our Midst

A documentary film that gives voice to the memories of American nurses of the D-Day invasion and beyond. What it took for these women to enlist in the Army, what they lived, and how they were changed by the experience are some of the questions explored in the film.

Directed by Robin Massee

Q&A with Robin and Brian Alexander, the son of one of the D-Day nurses


7/25 - The Ito Sisters: An American Story

Three Japanese American sisters in their 80's and 90's recount how their immigrant parents struggled to make a life in America at the beginning of the 20th century. The family’s chronicle is set against the backdrop of the Anti-Japanese Movement in California, a 60-year campaign by politicians, journalists, landowners, labor leaders and others that culminated in the forced removal and incarceration of more than 120,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast

Directed by Antonia Grace Glenn

Q&A with Antonia