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Women's Museum of California

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Women Who Shaped July History

Women Who Shaped July History


Event Date:
Saturday, July 21 2018

What is the event about?

About the Event:
Join the Women's Museum of California for an interactive presentation by Jeanette Alessio-Way, The History Lady, as she brings to life "Women Who Shaped July History." From the dedication of the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala to Gettysburg, to Nathan's Hotdogs on Coney Island, Jeanette will walk us through the women who made history and left a lasting impression on the world. 

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About Jeanette:
Jeanette Alessio-Way regularly lectures for community and professional organizations throughout San Diego. Jeanette’s professional speaking career got its start in her fifties, when stimulating conversation and trivia games became a purposeful daily regimen to combat her mother’s Alzheimer’s. When her mother moved to a nursing facility, Jeanette’s efforts organically expanded to include the other residents, and not just those with dementia. Before long she obtained a teaching credential from San Diego State University, promoting mental fitness by giving rousing presentations using her vast collection of antiques to engage audience participation.
The increasing popularity of Jeanette's unique and lively talks naturally led to more speaking engagements, not just in senior's facilities but for children in schools and libraries, then other organizations. The History Lady is always fun, relevant and enlightening, for people of all ages!
Topics in her talk: Mission dedication (inc. discussion of the Kumeyaay & artifacts/props); Women at Gettysburg; First Ladies widowed in July; Woman who sold Nathan's hotdogs; Mrs. Dole (her birthday) & Jeanette's connections to the Dole family; Vivian Vance (her birthday) and the Hotel Del & Jeanette's personal co