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Women's Museum of California

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WOSD Free Film Night - Salt of the Earth

WOSD Free Film Night - Salt of the Earth


Event Date:
Tuesday, June 20 2017

What is the event about?

Salt of the Earth is about the true story of mining strike by workers in New Mexico where a real-life strike occurred in the early 1950s at a zinc mine owned by the Empire Zinc Co.  Many of the people in the movie were participants in the strike; their passion comes through vividly.  Most film participants were residents of the town near the zinc mine where the strike actually took place - in the County of Grant, NM.  The strike began because the Mexican-American mine workers demanded equality with the Anglo workers; the demanded a safe environment, and to be treated with dignity by their bosses.  The film can also be described as a feminist film; as revealed in the oppressive sexism shown by the women's husbands, in their attempts to "keep their women in their place" - however much their wives tried to help and support their husbands during the labor strike.


Women Occupy San Diego offers a free film screening every 3rd Tuesday each month. 

Doors Open at 6:30 pm

Film Starts at 7 pm