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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

"Beautiful, Brilliant, and Brave : A Celebration of Black Women"

"Beautiful, Brilliant, and Brave : A Celebration of Black Women"


Exhibit Date:
Friday, February 07 2014 to Sunday, March 30 2014


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Beautiful, Brilliant and Brave: A Celebration of Black Women
An Exhibit Celebrating Black Women Throughout the Diaspora

The Women’s Museum of California is excited to announce its newest exhibit “The Beauty, Brilliance and Bravery of Black Women.”


a Celebration of Black Women

Curating the exhibit “Beautiful, Brilliant, and Brave: A Celebration of Black Women”, is a vision fulfilled. It is like giving birth to "truth", the truth about Black Women. Having this exhibit featured during both Black History Month and Women's History Month was appropriate for several reasons. Black Women are barely talked about during Black History Month, and rarely talked about during Women's History Month. This as an opportunity to transcend the myths, lies, and stereotypes that mass media portrays on Black Women. This exhibit is a labor of love, and we hope that all women are able to see their own Beauty, Brilliance, and Bravery reflected by the women featured in this exhibit.

Black women come from a spirit of humanity, of greatness, of passion, of resilience and love. The beauty of black women can be found throughout the beautiful global faces and hues of humanity. Embrace this opportunity for self-validation, mutual admiration and an opportunity to build bridges. It is vital that we as women build support systems with one another, and remember the women who came before us because we are their hopes and dreams. We want women to know that we are “The Gift, The Blessing, The Healing, and The Wisdom”, and that together we can change the world.

                  Starla Lewis and Aisha Hollins Mother and Daughter, Co-Curators


This exhibit celebrates the diverse beauty, brilliance and bravery of Black women throughout the world and highlights many local women that have made amazing contributions within their communities and professions. Our guest curator, Starla Lewis, is a longtime professor of Black History at Mesa Community College views the exhibit focus from a viewpoint well honed after 25 years of study and teaching the topic within the social scope of American life.

“The Beauty of the Black woman was birthed in Africa and travels throughout the Diaspora from continent to continent, island to island and as a result this beauty is represented throughout the world. The outer beauty is a manifestation of the inner beauty. This beauty has polished the soul through generations of joys, sorrows, triumphs and tragedies”.  -  Starla Lewis

The women currently being highlighted in this exhibit include:

Rahmo Abdi, her community service bridges the gap between African and African-American women.
Mariea Antoinette, inspires women through music.
Manuelita Brown, creates images that define and elevate Black women.
Vickie Butcher, Global Humanitarian and founder of Water for Children Africa.
Constance Carroll, PhD., first Black woman Chancellor of San Diego Community College District.
JoAnne Cornwell, Creator of Sisterlocks, which has elevated the self-esteem and sisterhood of Black women.
Aminisha Cunningham, carries on the tradition of African dance as a performer and a teacher through Teysachosan Dance and Drumming.
Maria Dowd, created the African-American Women's Conference on Tour.
Kora Louise Dunbar, the definition of Excellence in Education; Retired Administrator.
Romell Foster Owens, first African American to be crowned Miss San Diego City and County, Emmy Award Winning producer, and the owner of Jowharah Films.
Sandra Foster-King, tells the stories of Black women through dance.
Sheryl Gee, Vice President of Training and Development, Neighborhood House; Cultural Psychologist; Motivational Speaker who trains women leaders.
Leah Goodwin, one of the founders of the African-American Artists and Writers organization; arts/cultural contributions to San Diego communities.
Carolle Jean Murat, PhD., first African-American OBGYN in San Diego who has embraced her Haitian cultural heritage as a healer.
Dianne Moss, Creator of Children Having Children Organization and Project New Village to educate/bring awareness to the Black community.
Janaha  Ransome (1983-2013), Founder of T.E.A.M. (Teaching, Empowering and Motivating); Community Leader/ Youth Advocate.
Dee Sanford, the visionary of African-American Business Women of Vision.
Delicia Sonnenburg Turner, Director of the Women's Theater at Moxie, she brings women's stories to life.
Judy Sundayo, Founder of Rites of Passage for African-American Girls.
Shirley Weber, first Black Woman in California State Assembly.
Trish Weir, Co-creator of the first African-American Women's Conference in San Diego.

The WMC is located at NTC Liberty Station 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Suite #104, San Diego, CA 92106.  Additional details pertaining to the exhibit can be found by visiting our website: www.womensmuseumca.org.


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