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Women's Museum of California

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Women in Action: UN Paths to Global Equality

Women in Action: UN Paths to Global Equality


Exhibit Date:
Friday, February 05 2016 to Sunday, March 27 2016

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Women in Action: UN Paths to Global Equality

An educational exhibition at the Women’s Museum of California

FEBRUARY 5 - MARCH 27, 2016        

The injustices of the world often fall hardest on women. War…famine...economic and social inequality…all exact a punishing toll on women around the globe.

As privileged Americans we often feel powerless to create significant change in the lives of these women. It’s easier to look away.

For this exhibit, the Women’s Museum examines the work of the United Nations over its 70 years of existence, specifically what part of that work has made a difference in the global condition for women.

What was discovered and is demonstrated throughout the exhibit is, a lot has been done and yet, not enough.  War, violence, inequality continue to plague over a billion women worldwide.

Just as important, it was and is the participation of women working within the United Nations that began to make a paradigm shift around the world.  This exhibit acknowledges and recognizes the work of these individuals and evaluates what else needs to be done. 

“Women in Action:  UN Paths to Global Equality” opens on February 4, at 6 pm with a VIP Members Only Opening Reception.  The exhibit opens to the public on February 5 at noon.

This wide-ranging exhibit showcases the women of the United Nations and highlights their efforts to gain economic and political advancement, put an end to violence against women, and respond more effectively to natural disasters and political crises.  Discover the women who spearhead and implement UN programs and are on the move to achieve equality and empowerment.  Discussions, films and events will mark International Women’s Day, March 8, and support its 2016 theme, “Pledge for Parity.”  The Museum is open Wednesday-Sunday, from noon to 4 p.m.


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