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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future
Book Our Space

Book Our Space

Book Our Space

We openly invite community members and organizations to reserve our museum space for meetings, receptions, conferences, performances, guest speakers, exhibits, and other events. When you book our space you will have access to the following: our caterer's kitchen, tables, chairs, projector, and an event planning team. Our Museum space accommodates a maximum of 75 people (depending on the room layout you require). 


Book Our Space - Is an opportunity for you or your organization to rent our Museum space to host your next event or workshop. Space rental includes access to the Museum and all the amenities listed above. Rental fees are as follows: 

Hourly PriceDetails

            Regular Rate    Discounted Rate*

Weekday     $100.00              $60.00   

Weekend     $150.00              $80.00

                     +   $50 - Maintenance Fee

*Discount rates are available for our Museum Members, Nonprofit Organizations, and Community Partners. Please let us know if this discount applies for your group at the time of booking.   

**Rates can change at any time. Please call the Museum if you have any further questions, (619)233-7963. 


Community Collaboration - We always enjoy collaborating with our community members.You or your organization can request the opportunity for the Museum to host your program and/or workshop as a Community Collaboration. Your organization would bring the program ideas to our Event Organizer and together we would collaborate to plan, market, staff, and share in the costs of the event. All Community Collaborations will be reviewed by our Planning Team. Please make sure to answer all the questions in our form and attach your program proposal, where indicated below.

Artist Exhibit - We always enjoy collaborating with local artist to help promote your talent in the community. To request an opportunity to have your art on display in our Museum, please fill out the form below and attach your proposal. If approved the Museum would provide you a space to display your art, graphic panels designed by our Exhibit Designer to accompany your exhibit, two opportunities for you to host an event at the Museum to showcase your art, and shared profits of any items sold during the duration of your exhibit.

Museum Members - For our Museum Board Members, Staff, and our Community Partners, please choose this option when booking an event at the Women's Museum to ensure we have all the information needed to prepare for your event! (Does your organization want to use our space on a regular basis for meetings and events? Learn about becoming a community partner.)


For more information or to book your next event at the Museum, please fill out our form below and our Planning Team will review your application. Please check our Calendar of Events to review possible dates for your event or exhibit, make sure to answer all the questions in our form, and attach your program proposal, where indicated below.

Our Event Organizer will contact you within one week regarding your request by phone or by email once your application has been reviewed. We enjoy working with the community and look forward to working with you soon.


For more information, please email events@womensmuseumca.org.

Please complete the event space request form below or click here to be redirected to a new page.