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Women's Museum of California

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Nominate A Woman Today

GENERAL INFORMATION There are 4 co-hosts of the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame. They are: Women’s Museum of California, San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women, Women’s Studies Department, San Diego State University and The Women’s Center, University of California, San Diego.

The four Co-Hosts of the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame respectfully request Nominations of women who have significantly contributed to the quality of life for women and have made outstanding volunteer contributions in San Diego County.

The purpose of the annual induction of five women into the Hall of Fame is to make women’s actions and accomplishments visible in San Diego. The women honored every year will be remembered for their efforts in a Hall of Fame exhibit housed at the Women’s History Museum and Educational Center. The annual induction ceremony is also a forum for coalition building between the four co-hosts and dozens of women’s organizations representing the diverse populations of San Diego.


Women trailblazers; women who have courage, are fearless, and dare do the right thing and are role models in the community. Women who are creative, imaginative, visionaries, and dreamers. Women who are professionally motivated by both personal and community advancement. Women who are in politics for the benefit of the community and who value and support the adavancement of others. Women who have strength, perseverance, intelligence, critical thinking and analytical skills. Women who are strategists, critical thinkers, and excellent communicators. Women who support women’s rights as human rights. Community and coalition building, so that communities work together. An individual’s culture, ethnic heritage, and history—and the sharing of these with others. Diversity in age, ethnicity, profession, etc. Women who promote cultural competency and multi-cultural competency. Women who support the right of women to choose their own identities.

Instructions: Completed Nomination Applications must be delivered, mailed, or emailed (no faxes, please). Only Nominations submitted on the Nomination Application will be accepted. Nominations to the Women’s Hall of Fame may be submitted by a group or an individual; however, no individual may nominate herself. The Nominations Committee, comprised of representatives from the host organizations, will select the inductees. The Nomination Application is the primary tool for determining an honoree for the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame and must be completed in its entirety.


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Please provide essential biographical information about your Nominee, including major accomplishments and/or contributions, honors and awards, education/training, and professional/work history. Identify any achievements that are first-time achievements for women or for a San Diegan. If applicable, include complete source citations of biographical information (i.e. reference books, periodicals, etc.).

GENERAL QUESTIONS: 1) For what achievement(s) is the Nominee best known? 2) How has the Nominee improved the lives of women in San Diego County? 3) Describe the Nominee’s volunteer contributions (if any) in San Diego County. Has she been professionally or politically active for the benefit of the community? If so, please describe. 4) How has the Nominee served as a role model for others? 5) Would you describe the Nominee as “courageous” or as a “visionary”? If so, please describe.

CATEGORY QUESTIONS: The following questions are specific to each of the five categories. When making your Nomination please address the appropriate category.

Category 1 - TRAILBLAZER: Please describe why the Nominee can be considered a trailblazer.

Category 2 - EMPOWERER: Demonstrate how the Nominee has worked to improve the lives of women.

Category 3 - ACTIVIST: How has the Nominee “created structural change” to improve the status of women? Give specific examples.

Category 4 - CULTURALLY COMPETENT/BRIDGE BUILDER: How has the Nominee created understanding within diverse communities? How is the Nominee “multi-culturally competent”?

Category 5 - HISTORIAN: Please describe how the Nominee has sought to preserve and share her culture and history within her community and with San Diegans at large. How has she served as a mentor, counselor, or matriarch and to whom?

Note: You may submit only one additional piece of information (newspaper article, resume, brochure, letter of support, etc.) to support biographical material. ALL FORMS BELOW ARE MANDITORY.

 Deadline for entries to be considered for 2018 is January 15, 2018