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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future
Traveling Exhibits

Traveling Exhibits

Traveling Exhibits

The Women's Museum has produced a variety of travelling exhibits suitable for display at your school, library, or organization. These exhibits are highly informative and inspiring, and whether it be Women's History Month, or your organization wants to explore deeper into women's history, we have an exhibit for you! 

Our exhibits range from exploring how refugee crises affect women globally to feminist waves in the 20th century, to the modern beauty industry and beyond. The information presented through these exhibits are invaluable, and will provide an educational experience for your organization! 

Fees: $100.00/ a week (+$50 local delivery and set up fee). This price reflects the panels only, extra fees for artifacts.  

San Diego County only! 

For more information, please contact events@womensmuseum.org

Currently Available Exhibits

"TALKING THROUGH HER HAT: Hats and the Women Who Wore Them"
"SHOULDERS TO STAND ON: Remembering the Chicana Activist Narratives 
"TEARS OF WAR: The Many Faces of Refugee Women"
"GIFTS OF OUR SISTERS: Lost and Found - Kumeyaay Women"
"BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT AND BRAVE: A Celebration of Black Women"
"ROCKIN' THE BOAT: Women's Liberation Movement of the 60's and 70's"
"ROCKIN' THE POLITICAL BOAT: Women of the Second Wave"
"ART ROCKS THE BOAT: Part Two of the Women's Liberation Movement 60's and 70's"
"BEHIND THE GLAMOUR: The Women Who Build the Industry 1920-1940"


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