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17th Annual San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception

17th Annual San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception

Five San Diego women will be honored at the 17th Annual Women's Hall of Fame in March of 2018.  Nominations are currently being accepted at the Women's Museum by mail or email.    

Bree Walker

Bree Walker
Spirit of The Women's Hall of Fame

Born with a rare and genetic condition called Ectrodactyly resulting in the fusing of her fingers and toes, Bree Walker has given hope and inspiration to many with her multiple accomplishments as a progressive talk show host, legendary television news anchor, investigative reporter, producer, actress, disability rights activist and warrior of progressive causes.

Walker started her career in the mid-1970s in Kansas as a rock and roll disk jockey. It wasn’t long before her hit show got her offers to move to New York where she became the first ever female morning disk jockey. In 1978 she moved to San Diego and became the highest rated FM disk jockey. However in 1980 she followed her desire to be a news anchor and became a consumer advocacy reporter at KGTV Channel 10 News. After becoming well established, Walker made the decision to go public with her Ectrodactyly after previously keeping her hands hidden inside of glove-like prosthetic hands.

After seven years in San Diego Walker moved to WCBS-TV in New York and finally KCBS-TV in Los Angeles; but before her move, Walker had earned a national reputation as an activist for people with disabilities. She served on the President's Committee for Employment of the Handicapped, the California Governor's Committee, and The Board of Directors of the Women's International Center. She has also earned several awards for her works including the 1992 National Courage Award from the Courage Center in Minneapolis and the Senator Robert Dole Foundation's Media Awareness Award, given in Washington, D.C. in 1992.

In addition to her news anchoring, Walker also guest-starred on an episode of the PBS children's series Reading Rainbow to talk about her disability, and in 2006 she appeared as an inspirational woman with Ectrodactyly on the fourth season premiere of Nip/Tuck.

In 2007 Walker purchased Camp Casey, the five-and-a-half acres of central Texas property neighboring the Bush ranch, to carry on the legacy of a 21st- Century boots-on-the-ground peace movement that came together to protest the illegal invasion, occupation, and continued funding of the Iraq war. Bree Walker has spent more than thirty years in various social justice movements and the anti-war movement putting her in the forefront in the fight for peace.

Bree Walker, San Diego Women's Hall of Fame, 2010 Spirit