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17th Annual San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception

17th Annual San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception

Five San Diego women will be honored at the 17th Annual Women's Hall of Fame in March of 2018.  Nominations are currently being accepted at the Women's Museum by mail or email.    

Deborah Lindholm

Deborah Lindholm

Deborah Lindholm

Deborah Lindholm is the Founder/CEO of the Foundation for Women (FFW). “I met a woman who borrowed $4 - she had never seen $4 in her life. She bought a comb, a pair of scissors and a mirror and she put her husband in business as a barber. Now she has a home and her children are in school - all because of $4.”

Founded on service, the FFW is dedicated to eliminating global poverty by creating and funding microcredit programs globally and locally. Programs have been funded in India, Zambia, South Africa and Niger. The FFW is a registered NGO and has operated the Foundation for Women Liberia Microcredit Program since 2006. Domestically, the pioneering FFW San Diego Microcredit Program reaches women and families living below the U.S. poverty line, giving them business capital, support and encouragement.

Deborah has more than 35 years experience in education, business and counseling settings helping people achieve their dreams and goals. She has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards highlighting outstanding work in the non-profit sector. Deborah is a member of Women Moving Millions, the Women’s Funding Network and is passionate about funding for women and girls. She is a 15-year member of Rotary and has served in several board capacities; a founding member of the global Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit as well as a board member of that group. She is a member of the Women’s Leadership Board at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Deborah is currently convening “Seats at the Table for Liberia”, a collaborative effort of several key entities working together to totally uplift the country of Liberia from the grassroots.

Deborah holds a masters degree in counseling and education and her PhD work is in clinical psychology. She is a frequent speaker nationally and internationally regarding microcredit and the empowerment of women and girls. Her passion and her personal commitment to funding these important issues has motivated thousands to become involved in the social change agenda of the Foundation for Women.

Deborah Lindholm, San Diego Women's Hall of Fame, 2006