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Women's Museum of California

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Request a Speaker

Request a Speaker

Request a Speaker


The Women's Museum of California's Speakers Bureau is a dynamic corps of academics, educators and community leaders. Its purpose is to arrange speaking engagements for nonprofit organizations, community meetings and school groups. Our speakers are experts on a variety of subjects including San Diego women of note, women and activism, women and the military, American women's history, American First Ladies, and the International Women's Movement.

Speakers, several of whom are bilingual, are available to travel to community meetings and classrooms. The Women's Museum of California space can also be rented for a modest facility fee and can accommodate up to 75 guests comfortably. The speaker of your choice, depending on availability, can then be arranged for your community meeting hosted at the museum space.

We do our best to follow up with your request within a week, but we ask that you allow our planning team 1-2 weeks to review your application. Our Event Organizer will contact you regarding your request by phone or by email once your application has been reviewed. We enjoy working with the community and look forward to working with you soon.

Meet Our Speakers

Hannah Cohen has a Bachelor Arts in political science and history, a Master’s of Science degree in Library and Information Sciences and an Advanced Diploma in Educational Administration. Early in her career, she worked in the public library system in New York and was then Director of Communications and Media at the Hempstead Public Schools. For most of her career, Ms. Cohen worked as a public affairs consultant for numerous non-profit organizations assisting in capacity building, fund development, and advocating for policy changes for the underserved.

Hannah has been deeply involved in advocating for women’s equality and the rights of the underprivileged, and she serves on numerous boards promoting awareness of these issues. She is currently President of the Women’s Museum of California and has served on the museum’s board of directors for six years. Hannah and Gloria co-authored, Women Trailblazers of California (2012), the stories of forty remarkable women who have been at the core of change in innovation throughout California’s history, and more recently Remarkable Women of San Diego (2016).

Dr. Gloria G. Harris began her career as a clinical psychologist in the early seventies after receiving her doctorate from the University of Washington. She co-authored the groundbreaking book Assertive Training for Women (1975) and taught assertiveness training and management training for women in federal agencies throughout the United States. She also edited a text book, The Group Treatment of Human Problems (1977), and co-authored a self-help book, Surviving Infidelity (1994; 2005). Dr. Harris has been appointed to numerous boards and commissions and previously served as chair of the San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women and the County Mental Health Board. She is a former board member of the Women’s Museum of California and has been inducted into the San Diego Women’s Hall of Fame.



$100.00 minimum

All speaker's give their time in exchange for a donation to the Women's Museum of CA. Engagements exceeding one hour may incur additional cost.

$0.30 per mileThis fee may be added depending on location of event and covers fuel surcharge for travel.


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Some of our speakers give presentations that require specific items, please let us know what you can provide.