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Introduction: Writing Life Stories

Introduction: Writing Life Stories


Event Date:
Friday, December 15 2017

What is the event about?

Introduction to Writing Life Stories

Students take Writing Life Stories classes to write quickly and easily, leave a legacy for loved ones and learn more about themselves. This class includes a brief writing exercise and voluntary sharing of this work with the group. No writing experience necessary. 

What is Writing Life Stories? Students take Writing Life Stories classes to leave a legacy for loved ones and learn more about themselves. Unlike in memoir classes, participants write quickly and easily about carefully chosen themes. Barbara uses a method taught for over 30 years to thousands of college students, professionals and retirees. Participants then share their stories with a supportive group. 

This is not a craft class that generates critiques, but rather a guided autobiography class offering encouraging feedback. Extensive research reveals that while on this exploration and after sharing their stories, students gain increased resilience and self-confidence, more compassion for others and a greater appreciation for life. For more information, go to writinglifestories.com.



Barbara Field is a writer, ghostwriter, corporate marketer, instructor and keynote speaker. She worked for CBS, Harcourt Brace and UC San Diego. She was regional manager of The Op Ed Project and a mentor for the Afghan Women's Writing Project. She published widely and her novel won a Writer’s Digest fiction award. She is a community partner with The Women’s Museum of San Diego and graduated from Barnard College/Columbia University.