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Women's Museum of California

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The Big White Dress

The Big White Dress


Exhibit Date:
Friday, May 04 2018 to Sunday, July 01 2018

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The Big White Dress: Evolving Traditions of the American Wedding

The Women's Museum of California will showcase the evolving styles of American wedding gowns from the 1860s to today by displaying 12 wedding dresses from various decades.

This exhibition will emphasize the contribution of cultural and societal change to the progression of bridal gown fashion, American wedding traditions, and women’s views on the institution of marriage.  The Big White Dress will analyze how changes in American culture are directly linked to the evolution of one of our most talked about and celebrated rites of passage.  The Big White Dress will also explore the history of interracial marriage and same-sex marriage to illustrate diversity in love and relationships.  

How has the wedding dress changed over time? How do the changes in wedding fashion reflect the shifts in society over the years? How has the way a bride has viewed her role on her wedding changed?

Public opening during Friday Night Liberty, May 4th at 5:00 PM


VIP Opening May 3rd at 6:00 PM RSVP here

For Museum Members and special guests only, not a Member? Become one when you RSVP