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The Older Women's League

The Older Women's League

About Us

OWL - the voice of midlife and older women

Founded in 1980, OWL is the only national grassroots membership organization with a focus on the issues which are unique to American women as we age.

OWL Changing Lives

Through groundbreaking reports and studies, testimony before Congress, national grassroots campaigns, powerful public education programs, and coalition work with other organizations, OWL is demonstrating that midlife and older women's needs are the needs of a just and caring society. By speaking on their own behalf OWL members are making important and lasting improvements in midlife and older women's lives.



  • Creation of a single-payer health care system
  • Expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to include the full range of services needed by midlife and older women
  • Longer-term and chronic care assistance

Economic Security

  • Preservation of the social insurance principles of Social Security
  • Better pensions for women
  • Laws barring age and gender discrimination
  • Pay equity
  • Monetary credit for caregiving

Quality of Life

  • Safe, accessible, non-discriminatory and affordable housing
  • Public transportation that meets the needs of older persons
  • The elimination of exploitation and abuse of women
  • The right of all persons to remain in control of their decisions throughout their lives

Together We Can

  • Improve the status and quality of life of mid-life and older women.
  • Change society's view of older women