The Coal Queen You Need to Know Now


It’s often said that we can not be what we can not see. But, to effect change that is really bold and positive, we must be able to do or be w

5 Women of Early Colonial America

The women who lived in the Puritan society of early Colonial America had to adhere to strict gender roles due to the religious law that ruled their communities.

Witches in Print

Though definitions of witchcraft and superstition vary through civilizations and evolve through the passage of time, there is no culture that does not contain within it

The History of the Handbag

Bags are not a new invention, as long as humans have had items to carry, we have created bags in which to carry them. As early as 38,000 BCE, hunter-gatherer, humans were using bundles and pouches made from fibers to store and transport food and tools. The drawstring purse was worn dangling from a belt by both men and women from at least the time of Ancient Rome to the Renaissance and beyond. The woman’s handbag as we know it, however, is a much more recent development in the long, humble history of the bag.

10 Facts About Women In STEM

To Observe and Wonder, celebrates the history of extraordinary women working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) throughout history and today.

Who is Mrs. Claus?

This holiday season read about one of the most famous women of Christmas! Introducing a brief history of Mrs.Claus.

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