May 11, 2016

From Our Archives: Alice Park

The Women’s Museum of California is the home to the writings and memorabilia of notable California suffragists, Alice Park.

Alice Park was born February 2nd, 1891 in Boston, Massachusetts but lived most of her life in Palo Alto California. Park was a vegetarian, socialist, pacifist and suffragist who spent many years campaigning for issues she cared about, including labor laws, pacifism, prison conditions, education, conservation, and most notably women’s rights. Among her many accomplishments was when she found the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom. Park was also a delegate and speaker at the Congress of the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance in Budapest, Hungary in June 1913, and a delegate to the Tenth Congress of the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance, in Paris in May 1926.

Alice Park was very active in California politics and campaigned for women’s rights in the state. In 1913 a California state law that she wrote passed which granted women equal rights of guardianship over their children. In the early years of the twentieth century, Park became one of California’s leading suffragists and travelled around the state giving speeches in favor for women to gain the right to vote. She would hold meetings for women’s groups and argue that when women earn the right to vote it would change the world, conditions would improve and specifically according to Park, women would never vote in favor of war. California was an early leader in women’s suffrage and thanks to the work of women like Alice Park, California became the sixth state in the Union to pass legislations ensuring the right to vote for women.

The Women’s Museum of California houses a collection of memorabilia, and writings formally belonging to Alice Park in our archives. Among the writings are correspondences between Park and other notable suffragists including Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, just to name a few. Also, we have information from organizations that Park was a member of including the National Organization of Pen Women. You can learn more about the Alice Park Papers and the archives online or by visiting the museum in person.

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